Why and When To Use Concrete Stairs

Along with being the most used man-made material in the world, concrete is also a friend of the environment in all stages of its life span, from raw material production to demolition, making it a natural choice for sustainable home construction. No other material can match the effectiveness, price and performance for most purposes that it is used for.

Some of the key characteristics of cement, which will also be some of the more obvious reasons to use cement in your stairs are its:

  • strength and durability
  • versatility
  • low maintenance
  • affordability
  • fire resistance
  • relatively low emissions of CO2
  • energy efficiency in production
  • locally produced and used

Cement actually gains strength over time and won’t be weakened by moisture, mould or pests. Cement is also capable of withstanding natural disasters, which means that it is the perfect material to be used outdoors.

The affordability, durability and low maintenance of concrete make it the perfect material to use in projects where you want the stairs to have permanency, not require constant repair (perhaps due to difficult access) and of course, where the budget is a priority. Another huge advantage is the minimal waste involved when using concrete for your stairs as the exact quantity needed for your project can be produced.

It is important to note that building concrete stairs is definitely not a job for any new DIY enthusiast to take on. It takes experience in mixing and pouring concrete as well as a fair amount of mathematical calculations, never mind the physical labour involved. However, in choosing to use expert builders and installers in accordance with the National Building Regulations you can rest assured that your stairs are a masterpiece which will last a lifetime and more.