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Structural performance

The products have been structurally analyzed and the structural integrity verified by independent structural engineers. The lintels are manufactured to ISO 9002 and have been accepted by the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC). The products should be used in accordance with good building practice and the National Building Regulations.

Please note that stairway shuttering, steel arches, steel lintels and shuttering for balconies are registered designs and patented, which patent is held by Mr. Christopher ‘Hill of Steelform SA’. Any shuttering supplied by any company other than Steelform SA is then a forgery & copyright infringement applies. Our shuttering is that of high guaranteed quality. South African patent 2004/0117.

At Steelform all of your construction needs are catered to. Our ranges of steel arches, stairway shuttering, steel lintels and shuttering for balconies have been patented which ensures that you get the absolute best quality products each and every time.

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