Welcome to SteelForm

Steelform SA is a specialist manufacturer of steel lintels, permanent steel shuttering for the domestic, residential and construction markets.

Our product range includes steel lintels, staircases, arch lintels , beams and mullions. Our stairway shuttering, arch lintels and steel lintels are protected by patent and registered designs

The Steelform team presents the following products to the market, each of which should be used in accordance with the National Building Regulations and good building practice:

Spiral stairs – We provide free standing floating staircases. Various designs are available at various rates.

Straight Stairs – These are built according to client specifications and you can choose from a variety of tread styles.

Profiled Stairs – Profiled staircases are quite unique and need to custom designed and built. We offer affordable options for both the home and business.

Cantilever Stairs – These staircases are available in variety of shapes and styles. We can custom make the perfect cantilever staircase for you.

Curved Open Tread Stairs – We can design these staircases according to your specifications. These are ideal for residential and commercial installation.

Steel Lintels – These are designed and fabricated according to specifications supplied by the client. We manufacture, export and locally supply steel lintels of a high quality to the market.

Beams – These are used to provide support for ceilings and floors which means that they play a vital role in the construction of any building. We supply a variety of types and sizes according to the needs of the client.

Arch Lintels – These are essential for supporting arches and need to be of the utmost best quality. We manufacture these lintels in a variety of sizes.

Mullions – These are used to vertically divide a window or opening. This provides added support for the window or arch. We manufacture and supply top quality window mullions for any type of building.